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В деньгах опцион. In-the-Money Option (ITM)

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Automatic Installation by WordPress admin 1. Manual Installation 1. Installing this plugin does not affect the speed of your store!

Please enable it and proceed to your Mercado Pago account integration and setup. Get your credentialsthey are the keys that uniquely identify you within the platform. Set checkout payment preferences and make other advanced settings to change default options.

at te money опцион

Approve your account to go to Production and receive real payments. Configuration Set up both the plugin and the checkouts you want to activate on at te money опцион payment avenue. Follow these five steps instructions and get everything ready to receive at te money опцион Add your credentials to test the store and charge with your Mercado At te money опцион account according to the country where you are registered.

Approve your account in order to charge.

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Fill in the basic information of your business in the plugin configuration. Set up payment preferences for your customers.

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Access advanced plugin and checkout settings only when you want to change the default settings. Check out our official documentation for more information on the specific fields to configure. Часто задаваемые вопросы How do we protect the sellers We take care of the money with maximum security We help you in case of problems We protect your sales against chargebacks Where can I find the documentation?

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Check out our official documentation for installing and configuring the Mercado Pago plugin in your store. Where and how can I contribute?

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Suggest documentation improvement on our website for integrators and developers.

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